It Versus It Follows

Which story is the creepiest?


Let’s start with the victims:


It’s victims are children. This is inherently creepy as it attacks the most vulnerable, young, innocent members of society:




It follows victims…Anyone who is sexually active (higher risk for those who are promiscuous aka teenagers):



People typically feel at their most vulnerable during sex and let their guards down which is why it is extra creepy to become a victim of this extremely exposed act.


How it kills:


The 2017 version of It left little to the imagination in the death of Georgie it was gruesome and scary as hell.


This screen shot shows it tasting sweet sweet fearful kiddie flesh it’s eyes make it look like it’s having an evil orgasm. Seeing Georgie screaming in the street covered in blood before being dragged into the depths was shocking.


It follows kills the victims with equal brutality. What makes it worse is that it usually takes the form of some one you love while it violently murders you.


The audience gets to use it’s imagination as to how she ended up in such a warped painful position.



Being fucked to death by an evil entity in the form of your mother has to suck.



How it can be stopped:

It does not get defeated in the 2017 version however in the 1990 version it was pretty unremarkable and perhaps that is why it was not repeated in the new version.


Basically they shoot silver through it with a slingshot… and eventually rip out its heart?



It Follows They try a poorly hatched –and even more poorly executed scoobydoo gang plan to electrocute the entity in a massive pool. Then they shoot it in the head.



While this particular form does not continue to pursue its victim, it seems clear this is a temporary solution. It does not seem to have a “true” form.


The Winner:

It Follows. While some movies use too much ambiguity It Follows uses just enough to maximize the creepy factor. Yes child victims are creepier than teenage victims but the way It Follows acquires and relentlessly pursues the teens is much more frightening. Teens while capable of doing adult things are still essentially children and innocent. Moving out of Derry won’t help. Becoming an adult having less fear won’t help. It Follows is a never ending threat. One of my all time favorite films! I truly enjoyed both versions of It however the It Follows story  is a “throwback stylistically, and a surge forward thematically.” WINNING!