Jon Favreau Is Officially Attached to the Live Action Star Wars Series

Update: This series is expected to land on the Disney Streaming Service that is going to launch in 2019.

The official Star Wars site has dropped the first real tidbit of news about the live action Star Wars TV series. Now that Rebels is over there is currently a void in the TV landscape and it looks like the first entry to new Star Wars TV will come from Jon Favreau, actor, writer and director. Favreau’s relationship with Disney has been strong over the last several years. He’s directed favorites like Iron Man, The Jungle Book and is currently working on the live action remake of The Lion King. He will also appear in Solo: A Star Wars Story this year.

Much like the other recently announced projects there is still no word on what this series will be about or when it will be released. Favreau is expected to write and serve as executive producer on the project. Favreau’s writing history has mostly been limited to a few comedies which include Swingers, Made and Chef.

I would assume that this series is still at least a year away in Favreau is involved. The Lion King is hitting theaters in July of 2019 so he’ll be busy for a least the time being. Favreau recently directed the first episode of the hit sci-fi show The Orville.

I’ve been expecting Favreau to get involved in Star Wars at some point thanks to his history with Disney. I’m surprised that it is in the world of television though and not a film. I’m sure the liberals are going to be pissed off about Lucasfilm hiring another white male. Stay tuned!