National Women’s Month: Stormy Daniels

As part of our ongoing series to honor Women on National Women’s Month, we are going to focus on Stormy Daniels. Some of you may have heard of Stormy Daniels recently, while others have been spanking off to her for years.


Ms. Daniels was born as Stephanie Gregory Clifford in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. And word is that her mom had a gigantic rack too. After getting bored in school, Ms. Daniels began stripping at the age of 17. Later on she took a stage name that was based off of Nikki Six, and a Jack Daniels advertisement. She thought she had hit the big time by taking off her clothes for singles and having a catchy name, but she had no idea. By 2000 she was in her first porn, ‘Sea Sluts 5’. From there she got around.

She really got around

By about 2000-something or other, Daniels thought that she hit her peak and then she met this guy.


Yep, she met Donald J. Trump, billionaire and future President of the United States. But being the ambitious go-getter that Ms. Daniels always was, she wasn’t satisfied by gangbangs and meeting billionaires. She went the extra mile and took money to fuck the future president. $150,000 to be exact…I think. (You don’t have time to double check numbers when you are honoring great women!) But now she is suing him in court for even more money!

It just goes to show us all that if you put your mind to it, you can always build up to something greater. From dancing naked in clubs as a teenager, to banging other chicks in cheap pornos, to getting gangbanged in big studio porn, to screwing billionaires for a six-figure price tag, to suing that billionaire who is President of the United States.

TGO Salutes you Ms. Stormy Daniels on this National Women’s Month. You inspire us all to be something greater than what we are now.

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