Road Trippin’: Toronto

Tomorrow the wife and I are taking off on a trip to Toronto. It’s only a 2 hour drive north. The two of us haven’t been away together in over three years. So this time is well earned. Do to personal issues and medical reasons, we haven’t been able to go anywhere. Right now, two days away is the maximum we can do.

About 2 years ago I put together a mental list of current underground rock, metal, and punk bands that I wanted to make a priority to see. I started traveling on overnight trips if that’s what it took to see my favorite bands in 500 person clubs. Last year 4 of my top 5 played close enough to see.

Pallbearer opening for Baroness in Buffalo. Then in October I saw Pelican in Buffalo on a Wednesday then Elder in Toronto on Saturday. So rounding out my top 5, I’m heading back to Toronto to see Earthless

I’m sure most people are not familiar with Earthless. They are from San Diego California and play mostly instrumental rock music. Imagine Jimi Hendrix jamming with Led Zeppelin. Isaiah Mitchell is someone I consider my generations greatest rock guitarist

And their drummer Mario Rubalcaba is the nastiest drummer on the planet for my money

I have a few dinner dates and some nice husband/wife shit planned. I owe it to The Warden. She isn’t super keen on 2 hour instrumental psychedelic freak out jams. To each their own. Only bummer is that all party favors are left behind when crossing international boarders. Last year I asked nearly 50 people if I could buy a joint. And to the credit of Canadians, I got no negative reactions and many people apologized that they couldn’t help. Real manners. I found a concert goer who shared a blunt with me. I’m sure I will sniff out some green.

After today I will be absent from TGO for a few days. I scheduled in some Tits and Tats for your eye bulb enjoyment.

These are the days I live for. Our time is limited. Grab Life when you get the chance. If I pass up these opportunities, I stand at work and regret it. But doing these things makes all that sucking dick worth it.