Steve’s Weekend Adventure


I wanted to explain my short hiatus from smart-ass commentor and moderate TGO sex symbol.

I took a drive through the Rocky Mountains to visit my buddy, Joe. Ever since I’ve known him, he’s gone on and on about fucking Colorado and how fucking awesome it is. Well, about a year ago, he went back there, and while we’ve talked on the phone a few times a month, we haven’t hung out.

You may not know this, but Colorado is very famous for one thing… snow!


Yup, mention Colorado to anyone anywhere in the country and the number one thing you will be talking about is snow.


They have legalized recreational snow, which has recently shown a wide variety of medicinal uses as well.


They have different types of snow to help you get into different types of moods. But be careful! Too much snow, and you could end up needing a hospital.


The trip out there was exhausting. The trip back was worse because I could barely open my eyes… from all the snow.