Trailer Park Boys S11

Season 12 of Trailer Park Boys comes out March 30!

Here’s what happened in S11 in case you have been drunk/stoned since the last time you’ve watched it and need a recap:


  • Mo shoots Ricky in the balls
  • Lahey claims to be Ricky’s biological father. Julian doubts his claim pays the bottle kids to throw down on Lahey until blood is drawn. The tests conclude that


  • Sarah helps Bubbles work through his complicated emotions about the puppy he has been caring for


  • The Boys grow a bunch of weed in the ice arena
  • Turn it into Ricky’s  5 hour De-Energy weed drink
  • Sell it to Snoop Dogg for 2 million dollars (minus the bail money they owed)


  • Lahey and Randy kidnap Bubbles force him to chug a pint and demand the money or they will “carbonate the ocean with shit bubbles”



  • Randy and Lahey steal the money. George Green steals the money from them.
  • In an unexpected twist Lahey, Randy, and George Green go to jail instead of the boys.
  • Lahey makes plans to build a liquor alter and marry Randy in Ireland.
  • Julian is haunted by the money he lost and plans to get it back. Bubbles is happy to be making pizza sauce again. Ricky is still in awe at making 2 mil in 45 days.
  • Barb and Julian “negotiate” nightly and Barb loves the arrangement.


Real life factors that will affect the show:


  • John Dunsworth passed away. I do not think we will ever get to see the wedding in Ireland. RIP!!! The liquor never dies




  • We are told that Lucy is gone because she is a nanny for Tom Arnold.  Lucy DeCoutere left the show after Mike Smith was arrested. Lucy was in a high profile sexual assault case against Jian Ghomeshi (which might explain her extreme reaction)  She explains in a tweet:


  • It’s important to note that Georgia Ling the alleged victim in the case against Mike Smith was not the one who called the police she stated ““At no point did I feel I was in danger, otherwise I would’ve called the police myself, which I did not,” Ling’s statement goes on. “The police were called by others not present in the room who mistakenly perceived the argument to be something other than what it was.””
  • Can’t wait for S12! Jim Lahey was a crucial character.. without him it may ruin the show completely but I have high hopes that it will be able to develop nicely because it so closely resembles real life losing characters/ gaining characters flows naturally throughout the show.