National Women’s Month: Asia Carrera

Our next woman of focus on this National Women’s Month is Asia Carrera. Carrera was born Jessica Steinhauser in New York City and attended Rutgers University where she studied Japanese and business. In addition, Carrera scored a 1440 on her SAT, attended Rutgers on a full scholarship, performed on the classical piano at Carnegie Hall twice, before the age of 15, and she is a member of MENSA with an IQ of 156. This means that she is really fucking smart! So, with all of those brains in her head, she decided the most logical way to make a living was to show off those tits of hers and get screwed on camera while guys like me jerk off to it.


Due to her high IQ, she excelled in her careers more than most and became a AVN Hall of Fame inductee in 2001. This means that she fucked and sucked better on camera than most gals!


See that? That’s how a genius fucks. I can personally attest to her advanced abilities as I tugged the one-eyed snake to several of her videos!

Sadly, not long after having retired from ‘The Biz’, Carrera became a widow when her husband died in a car crash and Carrera was left to be a single mother of two children. However, despite this tragedy she used those smarts to move on. Instead of giving in to the peer pressure from all of the other super religious lunatic wackos in Utah, she used her supreme intellect to make up her own mind. She worships the Flying Spaghetti Monster and wears a colander for her state of Utah driver’s license. In fact, she is one of less than 20 people in the entire United States to do such a thing! Now that is bravery. That is revolutionary!


So, the next time you see a retired porn star that wears kitchenware for their driver’s licenses, don’t judge. You just might be judging a Hall of Fame pornstar with a sky-high IQ who has dealt with and conquered tragedy in her life. So on this National Women’s Month we thank you Ms. Carrera. You have taught us all that even if one seems like a slut that has lost her mind, that she could very well be a member of MENSA who can solve bukakee puzzles faster than most people.