Toys R Us is Closing

As a kid Toys R Us was really a dreamland for me. I could walk in there and spend hours looking at the toys and hope that my parents would buy one for me before we left. I live about 2 hours away from the nearest shop so it was rare that I ever got to go there.

I was shocked to see today that the store is closing up shop and putting nearly 30,000 employees out of work. 740 stores over the US will be either closed or sold and the only real excuse the retailer has is the excessive company debt and the immergence of mobile games. Amazon and other online shopping outlets are also very easy to blame  The loss will certainly leave a huge hole in the toy market as few other places could be as diverse as Toys R Us.

Are you disappointed to hear that Toys R Us is closing? Do you have any good Toys R Us memories?