Luke is awesome and all the scenes on Luke’s island are awesome. Snoke is awesome, Kylo Ren is awesome. Basically all of Gerorge Lucas’ & JJ Abrams’ characters are awesome, but I find the movie kind of lame as a whole, I was sort of bored.

The pacing and editing is a joke. The plot holes are down right hysterical. I get the vibe that the war between the New Order & the resistance is a proximity battle that the rest of the universe doesn’t care about (battle of the ego, not battle for galactic control). In the OT & PT you can feel war all over the galaxy. In the sequel trilogy it feels like 5 ships vs 5 ships, more like Star Battle, not Star Wars.

If I was a character in the Star Wars universe talking to another character in the Star Wars universe, the discussion would go down like this.


GREEDO’S DAUGHTER: Hey Bulge, did you hear about that small war going on right now?

BULGE: The one between Vader’s whiny grandson and the kid’s mom?

GREEDO’S DAUGHTER: Yes, that one.

BULGE: Yeah, I heard about it. I heard there’s a couple of ships chasing each other around all grandiose like. The guy who told me about this adorable War is taking bets on who will win.

GREEDO’S DAUGHTER: Who do you think will win?

BULGE: Who gives a shit, I’m more worried about this STD you gave me.