YouTube Shooter is killing liberal media

Not hearing as much about the YouTube shooter? Probably because it doesn’t fit the media agenda… here’s why:

1. She was a refugee from Iran (having come to the U.S. two decades ago).

2. She was a proud vegan and animal activist.

3. She was a liberal.

4. She was mentally ill.

5. She did not use an AR15… She used a handgun. (Legally owned)

6. She managed to get said handgun even though she lived in the state with the stricter gun laws.

7. The area was primarily run by democrats.

….the only motive they can find is that she believed YouTube was deliberately sabotaging her channel because it didn’t want her to make money off of her animal activist, vegan recipe and workout videos… which apparently were plagued with obvious mental illness.

….did I mention she was a refugee?