Where Do You Stand With Facebook?

The whole controversy about Facebook sharing their users personal information has really reached a high. At this point I don’t even really understand what is going on with it. If you’re unaware Facebook reportedly shared information of 87 million users since 2014. Apparently the people who have had their personal data shared have been notified by Facebook so if you haven’t been notified you have no real idea if you’re information has been shared or not. With their privacy compromised a lot of people have given up on the website and cancelled their accounts.

I just wanted to know if you’ve cancelled your Facebook account after all this mess. I have not. I’ve never been one to show too much information. Its a great way to keep up with old friends, but I don’t post statuses and haven’t for years. I don’t have any information on there that that I really think needs to be hidden. I still use the site quite a bit just because its a good way to pass time at work, but if I was at home with better things to do I wouldn’t want much to do with it. I know some people have moved on to other social media sites. I did have Instagram, but I’ve given up on it a long time ago. I use Twitter to promote some of my stuff on this site but that’s about it.

Again, I’m certainly no expert on this stuff and I’m sure there are some of you that are following this scandal a lot closer than I am. I’m just curious if you have chosen to close your account or what your opinion is of this situation.