Star Wars on a large scale battle, nobody had ever played a Star Wars game like Battlefront. I was “deathly ill” and couldn’t go to work the week this game came out.


I never played the first one, but this was my first experience with a Star Wars RPG. The story in KOTOR 2 blows the new trilogy out of the water (blows most Star Wars stories out of the water).


The best FPS Star Wars game to date. This game is over 10 years old and the team mate AI is still better than what most next gen games have to offer today.


This game blew my mind away and was my first game for the N64. Shadows of the Empire is probably to blame for my Star Wars addition. Game hasn’t aged well though.


Dark Forces 2 is like Doom, but with lightsabers and John Williams playing in the background.. enough said


Your favorite Star Wars games?