RIP Harry Anderson of Night Court

Harry Anderson was found dead in his home in North Carolina home yesterday. Police responded to a call at the home and when they arrived they found him dead. They say foul play is not suspected. Sounds like another suicide to me. He was 65.

Anderson is probably most known for a long run on the courtroom comedy Night Court. His appearances have been further apart in recent years because his real passion was magic and he was a touring magician. He claimed years ago that he had all the money in the world and could just do what he wanted to do.

My personal favorite role of Harry’s was as a recurring character on Cheers. He played a small time con artist and thief that was also known as Harry and he would often rip off people in the bar or Sam Malone himself. I was actually going to do a Secondary Character of the Day about him.

He is also recognizable for playing Richie on the original IT miniseries that aired on TV in 1990 and has since gotten a cult following on home video.

RIP Harry Anderson