What Band Reunion Would Get You Hyped?

The unexpected happened back in 2016 when Guns N’ Roses reunited for a world tour. Band reunions tend to happen to even the bands that seem to have the most conflict among the members seem to be able to come back for at least one run of shows, and make a ton of money. The GNR reunion didn’t even really end up being the complete classic lineup, just the key players and it ended up being a huge success. Seeing Axl Rose and Slash together was enough to bring fans to the stadium by the thousands. Reuniting Guns N’ Roses was one of the biggest reunions that could’ve possibly happened. The only other bands that could reunite on that scale probably would’ve been The Beatles (which is impossible with two members dead) and Led Zeppelin (which would be missing John Bonham).

If you could see one group reunite who would it be? Obviously the band doesn’t have to be completely inactive, but they could be missing some key members that would make you interested in them again. For example: Ace Frehley and Peter Criss rejoining KISS. The band is still active, they just don’t have Ace and Peter involved anymore.

What reunion would get you amped?