Do I think Bill is guilty? I doubt 90+ women would come out of the woodwork if he was innocent.

Do I think some of The Cosby women (that’s what people are calling the victims) want money, and are making shit up? Some of them, but not most.

So this is my take…..

Bill is probably a huge creep that will burn in hell. Nothing pisses me off more than people preying on the weak.

If they find actual evidence that Bill drugged, then raped these women, I say drag him behind a barn and put a bullet in his head.

But here lies the problem.

There is absolutely no evidence, everything is hearsay. It is increadbly dangerous for a free society to convict someone over strong emotions and gut instincts.


Everything aside..

The positive in all of this now.

I think women will have the courage in this day n age to say something relatively soon after they have been victimized by another one of Hollywood’s finest, instead of 20 years later.