Scenario: You’re on a spaceship, you land on another planet with intelligent life, what do you give them?


This is what I’d give them –

I’m NOT introducing Beethoven, human cuisine, human philosophy, poetry, art or football…. no, I’ll tell you what I’d introduce


That’s right, ALCOHL!


As this ‘newly found intelligent species’ that is superior (and more peaceful) than us (in every way) gets drunk off Earth’s most popular liquid, I will be sitting there and smiling.

While I sit there and smile, I’ll watch the Aliens pass-out as they drink The Devil’s Brew.

I shall sneak up and suck the cock of ‘The King Alien’ when he is passed out from the alcohol.


When I arrive back to earth, and cum is dripping from my mouth, the American people will know that Bulgingsnake WON again.