Mark Hamill Possibly Spoils a Solo Cameo

There is a potential cameo spoiled in this article. If you want it to remain in tact don’t read on.

Mark Hamill may have said a little too much in a recent interview when he mentions a cameo by one of the most recognizable Star Wars characters in Solo. Hamill is often good at avoiding spoilers and is even known to tease fans. The details of the cameo are not really described so even if you do see the name of the character we have no idea how he will play into to plot.

So, Hamill dropped that we will get a cameo from C-3P0 in Solo: A Star War Story. He let it slip by saying that 3P0 actor Anthony Daniels had appeared in every Star Wars film to date. Then he mentioned that he happened to be in Solo as well.

I doubt this will happen, but it could be possible that Daniels will make an appearance as another character. Rather than keep up the trend of having 3P0 in every Star Wars movie they could start a new one with Daniel appearing in the film in some form or fashion. He already appeared out of costume in Attack of the Clones. If C-3P0 does show up it’ll be interesting to see how he will tie in because he seems to have been on Alderaan with the Organa family through the years between episode 3 and 4. I thought that their cameo in Rogue One was maybe a bit excessive, but it made sense to keep up the trend of including them in all the films.

If C-3P0 does appear in the movie it wouldn’t be shocking to see more cameos from popular characters. Most notably Jabba the Hutt and Boba Fett.

Would you like to see C-3P0 appear in Solo?