Ollie by far has to be the best president for the NRA since Charlton Heston. He has by far the most colorful  history of a president since Mr. Heston ran the NRA from 1998-2003. For those of you who live in a cave Charlton Heston was a huge movie star that made most of his fame in the 1950’s and 60’s. Some of his most iconic roles being Moses in The Ten Commandments, Ben-Hur and Planet of the Apes.

Ollie will be the first former military president since Joe Foss held the position from 1988-1990. Foss was a former Marine Major. Ollie of course was a lieutenant colonel which would make him the highest ranking former military NRA president since Lloyd Mustin, a former navy Vice Admiral, was president of the NRA from 77-78. The highest ranking former NRA president was Ulysses S. Grant who was both a former general and president of the United States. He was president of the NRA from 1883-1884.

Ollie gained most of his fame during the 80’s in the Iran Contra affair. He would admit selling weapons to Iran to get money to fund  right wing rebel groups (Contras) in Nicaragua to fight the socialist government. These rebel groups were terrorists, though back then such a term was played down—they were called “freedom fighters”. They would go on to to commit over 1300 terrorist attacks. This was back when the US looked the other way when such things happened including the famous Saddam Hussein  gassing of his own people with mustard gas and  sarin around the same time Ollie was funneling weapons and money. At the time of the gassing Saddam was a US ally. We used him to keep Iran in check…yet here Ollie was selling weapons to them. Needless to say the US has a bad history in it’s proxy wars supporting pretty bad people.

Ollie would have to answer for his actions–sort of but not really. The sale of the weapons by Ollie would become public in 86 and Reagan would dismiss him. Ollie would go into protective hiding because an Islamic Jihad sleeper cell, People Committee for Libyan Students, put out a hit on North’s family for his work in the middle east. In 87 Ollie would go before Congress and answer questions about what he had done and in 88 was tried for his crimes. He was indicted on 16 felony counts and was initially convicted of three: accepting an illegal gratuity, aiding and abetting in the obstruction of a congressional inquiry, and ordering the destruction of documents. To make a long story short though  all convictions would later get reversed and all charges dismissed.

Ollie for a while became the poster child for the US’s shady endeavors. But he would over time rebuild his image. He would go on to write books, host his own radio show, host his own tv show, be a news consultant on both MSNBC and Fox News. And now he will be taking over as president of the NRA.

People have mixed feeling about Ollie. People either love him or hate him.  You either see him as a patriot who did what he had to do or as someone who took matters into his own hands and broke the law and got away with it. How do you feel about old Ollie?