Solo to Lift Review Embargo 10 Days Early

When a film’s embargo is lifted can often dictate the studios confidence in their product. The embargo blocks critics from releasing their reviews to the public until after a certain date. If the studio is worried that terrible reviews will ruin their box office they’ll hold off screening for critics until the night before the movie comes out. If they want to generate buzz and pick up more box office they can screen for critics early and possibly bring in some more people who were on the fence.

It’s been announced that the review embargo will lift for Solo: A Star Wars Story 10 days before the movie comes out on May 15. That’s a huge sign of confidence for Disney and Lucasfilm. This could be an attempt to generate good buzz after all the director controversy that occurred last year. Its also very possible that there just aren’t any high profile spoilers that can leak out of the movie either. We already know that the 3 most important characters in the movie (Han, Chewie and Lando) are going to make it out of the film alive. So spoilers just may not be a big issue like it has been with Rogue One and the saga films.

The only time I can remember recently where a Disney project was screened early and it backfired was A Wrinkle in Time from this year. Which ended up with a 39 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and was considered a bit of a failure financially.

Are you surprised to see that Solo is lifting its embargo so soon? We’ve only got a week to wait see what the buzz will be like.