Tenacious D is Making a Sequel to Pick of Destiny

Tenacious D has been a long lasting project between Jack Black and Kyle Gass existing quite a bit before Jack Black ever broke out as a movie star. They’ve dabbled in a few different genres but the comedy always remains. The band have released 3 albums over the last 18 years. They still tour quite bit and have generated a pretty large following over the years.  The band even won a Grammy in 2015 for their cover of Dio’s Last in Line.

Tenacious D released a film back in 2006 called Pick of Destiny and it was a financial failure as it was unable to earn back its 20 million dollar budget. However, it generated a cult following as the band continued to get more popular. Thanks to 10 million dollars in DVD sales Pick of Destiny finally made a little profit. Now Black has announced that a sequel is coming this October.

Black said he doesn’t know where the sequel will be released (likely meaning through a streaming service or theatrically) and the film will have to have a pretty quick turn around unless its already complete. 5 months to finish a movie isn’t really a long time. I’ll be interested to see if the movie has some success, because making sequels to cult classics hasn’t proved to be a money maker in the past.

Are you a fan of Pick of Desinty? Will you check out a sequel?