On this day in 1980, 35 lives were claimed when the unthinkable happened: The freighter MV Summit Venture collided with a support column during a blinding thunderstorm, knocking a 1,200-foot section of the roadway into the water below. (St Petersburg, FL) The accident sent a greyhound bus, 6 cars and a pickup plunging 150 feet into the water. The bus passengers and those in cars died. The driver of the pickup only survived because his truck hit the freighter before landing in the water where he was able to get out, swim to the surface and be rescued by the frieghters crewmen.

It was like a scene from a movie, or nightmare. I cannot imagine the horror. 38 years gone but not forgotten.

They now use the old bridge as a fishing pier and have a new Sunshine Skyway bridge in St Petersburg, Fl, that replaced it.

Photos below: