Vape Life/Stoners/Coffee Lovers

Vapers, coffee lovers, or pot heads..Who is the most annoying in their display of love for their “hobby” aka addiction.

Doesn’t seem right that heroin addicts are frowned upon and cannot proudly display their bruised up arms or wear shirts that say “I LOVE SHOOTING UP!” or “CLEAN NEEDLE LIFE”



They want to tell you how much healthier than smoking it is. STFU with that shit vape pens have only been around for like 15 years no one knows what the long term effects are even going to be yet. What’s in this e juice? Nicotine and..?

No one knows it isn’t a regulated industry fly by night companies form, produce a mass amount of ejuice, and disappear so if their product is fucked they won’t be around to sue or be held accountable. Smoke all you want but don’t pretend it’s good for you. People said that same shit about cigarettes when they first came out too.






Suddenly everyone who gets high is a botanist expert and can tell you the sativia indica blend followed by what it’s extremely ridiculous name is like “purp nurp 5000 space Che monkey balls”

Then they want to decorate everything in ugly weed leafs and post pictures of themselves getting high and the different methods of smoking they use like WE GET IT YOU’RE A STONER OKAY.



Coffee Lovers:

Coffee lovers love telling people they are going to be a dick to them until they get coffee almost as much as they love actual coffee. Basically this person is a dickhead and has zero qualms paying $6 for one drink, being a dickhead to the barista, then continuing to be a dickhead after said drink is consumed.