What’s Something that Slowly Turned to Shit Over Time?

It seems like most things in life are best when they are still shiny and new. Most great things come to end. Some quicker than others. What was something that you enjoyed that slowly turned to shit over time?

For me it was social media. 10-15 years ago there were a few sites that we actually pretty fun to use, but at this point everyone and their grandmother has a Facebook account. My 60 year old mother uses Facebook more than I do. Youtube used to be kinda cool in the early days, anything that is cool or funny is popular for 2-3 days and becomes unwatchable after that. Plus, all the people who are fortunate enough to make money off of Youtube are producing garbage content and the people eat it up. Youtube and Facebook are the two worst, but its obviously pretty apparent with other sites too. Twitter is just people all making the same marginally clever observation every now and then and its platform for celebrities to argue about non-sense. Twitter is a source of news now for some reason.

What is something you enjoyed that slow deteriorated to shit over time?