Epic Showdown: Han VS Indy

Hopefully this age old debate hasn’t been done on TGO, my man Villain is on top of things. But since my fried memory doesn’t recall it, here we go.

Which iconic Harrison Ford role is better; Han Solo or Indiana Jones? You have the Falcon flying, blaster shooting, suave swashbuckler. And the whip cracking, pistol packing, suave archeologists. One hangs with Chewbacca. The other with Short Round. Both bag the ladies.

Personally, I was a bigger fan of Indiana Jones. Don’t get me wrong. I was a Star Wars fan. I liked the movies and toys. But I was an outdoors kid. I liked earthly adventures. I pretended to be Indy romping through the jungle frequently as a kid. My dad took me to see Empire and Return Of The Jedi at the local movie theater. But we saw Indiana Jones at the drive-in. It was our favorite movie series together. My dad is a history buff. And that rubbed off on me. Sci-fi is good. But I’d rather chase the Holy Grail.

If you could pick one or the other, which would you choose?