Used to be Hot: Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis in True Lies makes me a little weak in the knees. For 10-15 years Jamie Lee Curtis was one of the best looking women in Hollywood. Most times women with short hair don’t do anything for me, but for some reason she always looked pretty good with short hair. Even now I don’t think she’s aged that badly its just that she plays more of a mom role now and she looks a bit like a lesbian, but one of the cool hippie lesbians. Plus, the Activia ads haven’t done anything to help.

JLC got her start as a scream queen in Halloween in 1978 when she was still a teenager. She got a bit typecast earlier in her career for horror roles but eventually she broke out of that. She had a nice little nude scene in Trading Places she looked pretty good in A Fish Called Wanda too.

Even now and then she returns to the horror genre. She’s been in 4 Halloween films with a 5th on the way this year. She had a bit of a run on the Scream Queens show that ran for a couple of years too.

Do you remember when Jamie Lee Curtis was hot?