Favreau’s Series is Taking Place 7 Years after Return of the Jedi

We are finally starting to get some details about Jon Favreau’s Star Wars TV project. Jon Favreau revealed on the red carpet at the Solo premiere that his new series would be one of the first projects to fill in the gaps between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens. The show is set to take place 7 years before Return of the Jedi.

I think its very possible that this story is about the rise of the First Order. Just because we don’t see a lot of conflict in this era because the galaxy is at peace. Favreau has said the show will contain new characters, but that doesn’t mean some of the people we know won’t weave in and out too. I’m sure that a lot of people will run to the Luke’s Jedi¬†Academy, but I’m not convinced that will be the case. Recasting Luke would be met with a lot of skepticism and its already too late to bring 65 year old Mark Hamill back to play a Luke that would be in his early 30s at the time of the film.

My guess is its about the rise of the First Order. So there are a lot of canon characters that could be showing up, but maybe not the iconic ones we expect. Snoke and a young Hux could be a possibility. Maybe we see Thrawn or the Chiss in there somewhere. We have no idea where Ezra Bridger is at this point in the timeline. I think there is a lot of possibilities here.

What do you think about a show set in this era?