Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, then you know that Kim is a piece of shit. He’s arrogant, ignorant, transparent, insecure, self-conscious and worst of all Chubby.


On live TV we see Trump enter the room where Kim is. Kim is surrounded by his bodyguards. Trump doesn’t need bodyguards, 7 Foot tall Trump walks in the room like the total American badass that he is, towering over Kim and his guards.

People around the world feel a trimmer of excitement as they watch the two leaders stand face-to-face, Trump takes off his body suit!

It wasn’t Trump, underneath the ‘super secret spy suit’ lied a ginuwine American fat feminist, and she has a nuke sticking out of her vagina flaps!

As Kim’s body guards raise their guns to take out the genuine American fat feminist before she can detonate the nuke, the feminist says “I actually do love my country and the men in it, I just wish men would have let me suck on their dongs at least once”.

Then the nuke goes off.

People around the world tear up and slowly nod their heads in approval. It was the first time that the modern American feminist had ever done something useful.

The TV instantly switches over to Trump. Like the total badass that Trump is, he proudly takes credit for his groundbreaking assassination that was executed with precision and compassion.

Not only did Trump kill a dangerous dictator, he simultaneously made a new American holiday. On June 12 it was the official holiday of LET A GENUINE AMERICAN FAT FEMINIST SUCK YOUR COCK DAY.

Trump brought peace to the world, and gave feminist something to look forward to once a year.


You the man Trump, you the man.