Obi Wan Rumored to Begin Production Next Spring

I still want an Obi Want Kenobi solo film so badly, but I always seem to have concerns about whether the film really is happening or not. We all know that the third standalone film still remains a mystery if it is happening at all. The film schedule is still open for 2020 as the new series of films from Rian Johnson and Benioff and Weiss are probably not far enough along to hit that date.

Stephen Daldry is still rumored to be involved in this movie that was reported by several outlets last summer, but was never officially confirmed by Disney or Lucasfilm. It could be possible that Obi Wan will be announced following Solo’s box office run, but all these rumors need to be taken with a grain of salt.

The rumors have said the Obi Wan film, under the previously rumored named Joshua Tree has assembled an art department and is in full pre-production mode right now with a crew that is building every day.

Sorry for the barrage of Star Wars news. I told the afternoon off yesterday and all these juicy tidbits of information have landed in that time.

Could an Obi Wan film finally be getting underway?