The over used, generic piano music at the beginning that insinuates “hey, it’s just a peaceful time in Suburbia”

The over all feel and atmosphere. There is nothing dark or gritty about it. Why the fuck is everybody so shiny and clean?

The heroes are skinny pretty boys, yeah, smooth move Hollywood. So much for total fucking badasses with arms the size of grizzly bears.

Stupid humor/writing

The Predator’s new mask looks like shit.

A little boy is a main part of the movie, fucking stupid. And that clip where the chick is holding the boy while she’s pointing a gun —  I haven’t seen that camera shot a million fucking times before.

Nothing scary or suspenseful in the least



What made the orignal Predator awesome was the concept of survival (hence the name Predator), Man vs Beast. A badass vs a badass.

Thanks for fucking up another series Hollywod.