Mega Deal Alert

I have great news for fans of Josh Homme. An amazing compilation was just released on iTunes that includes 25 songs from his first band Kyuss.

For $11 you get nearly their entire catalog. Another perk of this is that the songs from Welcome to Sky Valley are now individual tracks. Instead of being two 30 minute long tracks like the CD version.

For anyone who is a fan or anyone who is interested in hearing where the legend of Josh Homme was born, this is an excellent starting point. Kyuss, for the uninitiated, sound like Black Sabbath on acid. Or Soundgarden if they didn’t go all pussy radio friendly. The influence of this band on the modern hard rock world is immense. It even inspired a future legend of TGO. See if you can spot him in this video cover version of the Kyuss song Big Bikes

Enjoy your weekend TGO