What Thing Considered a “Masterpiece” Do You Not Enjoy?

There are a lot of things in life that are almost universally loved, but every now and then I find myself disliking something that is considered a masterpiece by others. Whether its just that I fail to find significance in it or I just consider it to be overrated.

The best example I have of this is Casablanca, one of the best movies of all time. If you live in the big cities there’s pretty good chance you could find a screening of this movie every Valentine’s Day. The film is considered to have one of the best scripts in history and some of the best performances of all time by Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. It just never did anything for me for one reason or another. I like a lot of classic films, some are even my favorites, but I’ve never been able to understand why this movie has stood the test of time. The film is so beloved that I really don’t want to tell anyone that I didn’t care for it.

What film/art/etc do you not enjoyed despite its reputation?