Anthony Daniels Will Appear in Solo, but Not as C-3P0

Mark Hamill was thought to have revealed more information when he should have when he confirmed that Anthony Daniels will continue to be the only actor to appear in every Star Wars film, including a role in Solo. Most people were questioning how C-3P0 could appear in the same movie as Han Solo even though they had not met in the era the film takes place. It turns out to be simple reasoning. Daniels won’t be playing C-3P0.

I didn’t bother looking up what character Daniels will play because I’d rather wait until I’ve seen the movie, but I’m glad to here that they won’t be shoehorning 3P0 and R2 into every movie now. Daniels can keep his streak, but not as the golden droid.

The embargo for Solo lifts tomorrow so we’ll finally get to see what the reviews are like for the new Star Wars movie set to drop in just 10 days.