Is Your City Hostile?


Have you noticed the city installing “artsy” or “modern” looking benches and art? They dont care about the look, its just hiding their antihomeless agenda. Instead of investing all that money into helping the homeless epidemic (or building more shelters) they have instead decided to make it harder for them to find a safe place to sleep (hoping that will relocate them on their own).

Benches now have multiple arm rests so you can not lay on them. Or they are designed to curve, or have different surfaces.. some even are on an angle so you can lean on them instead of sitting….. all to repell homeless. They have even started making benches that you must insert coins in order to remove spikes so you can sit!

Have you noticed that random areas are now covered in metal spikes? Or maybe railings to nowhere… or strips of metal incoherently placed? Thats the city’s way of saying, “not welcome”.

Probably the most harsh are the areas that do not have spikes but instead have strategically placed water spout runoffs as to drench anyone sitting under it when it rains.

Here in Sarasota, they not only use hostile seating, but they have taken out many of the citys benches in general (never replacing them).

Is your city hostile?