Love Gun

Today we spotlight something real gay. The 12 gauge shotgun. Let’s examine the Gay in 12 gauge.

A shotgun shell is self-contained cartridge loaded with metallic shot

The shells consist of a case mounted on a brass base holding a primer. The shot is typically contained in a small container inside the shell casing.

The most commonly produced buckshot shell is a 12 gauge, 00 buck shell that holds 9 pellets. Buckshot is generally used for two purposes: self-defense and hunting medium to large game. Loads can be tailored through altering the size of the shot, pellet count, length of the shell, powder charge, and in other ways to fit individual weapons and purposes. For instance, loads of 12 gauge 00 buck are commonly available in 8 to 18 pellets in vendor-stated lengths from 2 3/4″ to 3 1/2″.

Shotgun cartridges were invented in the 1860’s and replaced black powder muzzle loaded muskets. The shotgun is called the gun that won the west. With the double barrel shotgun being a game changer

In modern times the pump action Remington 870 is the most popular selling gun in the United States.

It’s a classic staple that most hunters learn to shoot with. Some prefer the wood stocks. Others like the tactical look of a synthetic stock

While others like the 12 gauge for its ease of modification.

Do you own a 12 gauge shotgun?

Do you have any good stories about learning to shoot one?