Hard Times Behind Bars

A 47 year-old prison guard from Brooklyn was charged with sexually abusing female inmates.

Eugenio Perez was found guilty Monday. The indisputable evidence came when the victims all accurately described his penis.

Perez bragged to the victims that his nickname was “Caballo”. Spanish for horse. Pictures taken by the courts for evidence showed that Perez had a 12 inch uncut dong with a hook

This is not the actual 12 inch penis

One victim also made another claim.

“It had a smell like he didn’t wash or take a shower … it was a really strong smell,”

But that’s not all she said

“He wasn’t circumcised. It was big, and it was like a hook … It was humongous and it curved,”

“If it didn’t stink I would have been all over that shit”

In the end all five victims were able to give matching descriptions of the man’s dick. The jury found this to be enough to convict Perez. He faces life behind bars where his huge stinky hook dick should make him quite popular.

Have you ever been forced to suck a huge smelly dick?