Killer Clown

All May we explore everything gay. This gay path leads us to John Wayne Gacy.

John was born in Chicago Illinois in 1942. He was the only son in a family of 5. Gacy endured a rough childhood. His alcoholic father was physically and mentally abusive to his whole family. But especially rough on John Jr. He tried hard to gain his fathers acceptance but failed. He was often ridiculed for being over weight, not athletic, and for being ” a sissy boy”. His dad beat him to unconsciousness several times.

At age 18 his dad bought him a car. After paying his dad back, John would take a job in Las Vegas Nevada as a mortuary attendant. He slept on a cot in a spare room behind the embalming room. Here he had first fucked up experience. Later Gacy would confess to crawling into the casket with a recently deceased teenage boy and “fondling and caressing his body”. This action freaked Gacy himself out and he quit the job and returned to Chicago.

Upon returning, Gacy would enroll in Northwestern Business College. After graduating he was hired as a manager at Nunn-Bush Shoe Company. It was here he met his first wife Marlynn Meyers

Her father was a wealthy man. He purchased three Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants in Waterloo Iowa and moved the new couple there so John could manage them. It was a lucrative deal for the young couple. They were given a house and John received a salary that today would be $115,000 a year. During this time Gacy would become involved with The United States Junior Chamber, or The Jaycees as it was known. This was a place for young people to receive business leadership training. But there was a seedy underside to this organization. Pornography, prostitution, and wife swapping were common practices. John was arrested for his first sexual crime during this time. He was charged with sodomy after he lured a 15-year-old boy to his house, got him drunk and forced him to perform oral sex. This led to a 10 year prison sentence for John. Also his wife divorced him and he would never see her or his two children again.

Gacy became a model prisoner and was released 18 months into his 10 year sentence. Conditions of his parole were that he would live in Chicago with his mother and observe a 10 pm curfew.

By 1971 he would remarry.

He and his new wife Carole Hoff started a contractors business doing remodels and pouring concrete. Gacy was accused of sexual assault by several people during this time. One teen who worked for Gacy claimed he was raped when they went to Florida to work on property Gacy had purchased. The teen came to Gacy’s house and beat the shit out of him. No charges were ever filed.

John Wayne Gacy was considered a pillar of the community. He joined a group called The Jolly Jokers. They were a group that dressed as clowns and performed for charity and children’s hospitals. He would go by Pogo The Clown or Patches

But by 1975 things took a turn in his family life. After his wife discovered gay porn in the garage she observes him with teenage boys in the garage. He claimed to her that he was bisexual. They would be divorced in 1976.

But sex wasn’t all Gacy was guilty of. In 1972 he had picked up a teenage boy outside the bus station and promised to show him the sights of Chicago. Then he took the boy home and was going to take him back to the bus station the next day. In the morning John woke up and saw the teen in his bedroom doorway with a knife. He jumped up and wrestled the knife from the boy then stabbed him to death. Afterwards Gacy discovered the boy had set up a breakfast meal for two at the kitchen table. There was unsliced bacon on the counter. It was all a mistake. He buried the body under his house in a crawl space and enclosed it in concrete.

Later Gacy admitted to experiencing a “mind-numbing orgasm” while killing the teen. Death was his ultimate thrill.

After his divorce Gacy entered what he described as his “cruising phase”. With a house to himself, Gacy went full time on luring boys to his place, cuffing them, raping them and ultimately killing them. Between 1976-1978 Gacy admitted to killing 25-30 teenage boys. Most of their bodies were buried on his property.

After being suspected in the disappearance of a teen that worked for Gacy, his home was searched and many suspicious items were discovered. Over the next year police would pursue any lead and follow John constantly trying to pin the disappearance on him. Eventually, as he sensed the end was near, he would break down and confess to his lawyer that he “killed thirty or so people”. Armed with a second search warrant investigators entered his house and checked the crawl space where they almost immediately discovered decomposed flesh and bones.

More than 30 bodies would be discovered on his property. He was convicted of 33 murders and sentenced to death. After a lengthy appeal process John Wayne Gacy was executed on May 9 1994. He never expressed remorse for any of the killings and his last words were “kiss my ass”.