Kurt Cobain’s Suicide Photos Will Never Be Released

I was never a big fan of Kurt Cobain, probably because his attitude and music is a big influence on people that I don’t really like. I was never a fan of Nirvana and they also brought a lot of garbage into the music scene years later. I know the influence on other artists isn’t his fault, but I still sort of hold it against him anyway. I’ve always thought that Nirvana wouldn’t be nearly as relevant today if Cobain didn’t decide to kill himself back in 1994. Much bands like Led Zeppelin and The Beatles Nirvana seems to be viewed more favorably because they came and went in a very short time.

For some reason, there was a guy in Seattle that wanted the photos taken at the time of Cobain’s death to be released to the public because he was investigating for 23 years that Cobain was actually killed in a conspiracy involved some politicians. He filed a suit back in 2015 and then appealed it and lost once again recently meaning the photos will be sealed forever.

Cobain famously killed himself in April of 1994 after fleeing from a rehab facility. On his trip home he sat next to Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan and is believed to have killed himself in Seattle 2 days later leaving a note addressed to a imaginary friend named Buddah.

So if you ever wanted to see the photos of Kurt Cobain with his head blown off it looks like you’re shit out of luck.