Name Something You Hate that Everyone Else Loves

I like to think that I don’t follow the mainstream too closely. I’m not afraid to say that something is garbage even if all my friends enjoy it. Sometimes I just fail to see the greatness in some stuff. What is something you hate that everyone else seems to enjoy?

For me it was The Big Bang Theory. I guess not so much now, because the shows been on so long, but 4-5 years ago when it was at the peak of its fame I couldn’t stand the show. The reruns were all over the place and I just didn’t understand why it became such a beloved show. My 88 year old grandfather used to watch it and loved it. To me, a bunch of nerds spouting a bunch of science stuff just wasn’t funny and I wasn’t convinced that the people watching the show even really understood the jokes. Its just a bunch of science and nerd terms thrown around that isn’t even funny.

In recent years I don’t hate it as much because I just sort of buckled and it was being used as background noise at a lot of get together. I still think that Sheldon Cooper is completely intolerable, but some of the side characters are good for a laugh.

What is something you hate that everyone else loves?