The Divorce Part 2

As promised, I will speak about the split from my wife exclusively on TGO. Except this latest part won’t be so FBT. Divorce is hard. The guilt has started to set in, and I feel terrible. I’m the one that initiated the divorce. And I did so for a good reason. It was a bad marriage and I’ve been unhappy for years. Yesterday as I looked for apartments, I’d pass by location after location where I’d say to myself, ‘We fought there. Oh fought over there too.’ Many examples of that. The marriage was absolutely toxic, on Thursday she verbally thrashed me again, and I had enough.

But today my thoughts are more about the good times. Good times that are indeed from a better time that are long in the past. Part of me is sad that I’ll never have a moment like that with her again and that it was all my decision. It’s a decision that I’m at peace with, but it comes with some pain.

But on thing is for sure… I’m thinking of fighting her on getting one of our dogs. That is my dog, and that dog is a pussy magnet!