Best Band Name Ever

These days I’m completely shocked at what bands come up with for a name. Not all the good ones are taken. Here are two that I’ve recently discovered that I’ll put up as contenders


Combining two mullet-tastic things like the Camaro and Aerosmith is sheer genius alone. Throw in the fact that the album cover pays tribute to Black Sabbath’s Sabotage album, and it’s a pleasure that the music itself is pretty good. Groovy, smoke covered blues rock. Good to chug a tall boy of PBR and smoke a bone along to.


Hot Lunch

This San Fran/Oakland Bay Area bunch combine punk rock, garage rock, and acid rock into a buzz bomb of energy. How their singer can make a career with this style is amazing enough on it’s own. But how has there not been a band named Hot Lunch yet? Best poop metaphor I’ve heard in a while

Who do you think has the better name?

What band names would you rank as the best?