Kathleen Kennedy “Thinks” Next Standalone Film Will Be a Lando Film

Update: The original source for this story has now explains that there was a misunderstanding or misquoting between them and Kathleen Kennedy. It looks like this quote was not true, or Kathleen Kennedy just wants to keep the third standalone film close to her chest for now. Sorry for the confusion.

Now I think we should take this with a grain of salt, just because I find it odd that outlets aren’t running with this story yet, but Kathleen Kennedy, who appeared at Cannes yesterday for the screening of the film reportedly said that she “thinks” the next standalone Star Wars movie will be devoted to Lando Calrissian. I don’t know how legitimate this quote is, but at this point I have no idea. The quote was released by a French outlet.

A Lando spinoff does make sense. I’d assume that Donald Glover has been signed on for multiple films and he appears to be all teed up to be the breakout actor in the film. The early reviews have praised Glover’s portrayal and with Glover’s success in other areas it could be possible that Lucasfilm is aware that he’s on the verge of being everywhere and they want in on the action. Glover has said a little about what he’d like to see in theoretical Lando film saying he’d hope for it to be Catch Me if You Can in space.

So, if Lando is next this would probably debunk all the rumors that an Obi Wan movie is going to enter production next year. I’m sure Lucasfilm will be waiting to greenlight Lando until after we hear some feedback from fans. Obviously the early critical acclaim doesn’t mean as much anymore since there are a wide amount of fans of disliked The Last Jedi despite glistening reviews.

The screening of Solo at Cannes seemed to be successful as the stars and director Ron Howard received standing ovations. The film itself had 4 minutes of standing ovation and applause. To me that’s still doesn’t mean much, its not that uncommon that films actually get booed at festivals, and they can be pretty solid films. The embargo lifted on the film yesterday evening and I’ve looked into a few reviews, but not many because I want to generate my own opinion. The Rotten Tomatoes score for Solo is sitting at 72% after 84 reviews.