What Album or Song Ruined an Artist for You?

Being a popular musician adds a lot of weight on your shoulders because its so hard to please everybody. Some fans are more than willing to accept a change and some will be annoyed by slight changes. Playing the same type of music can get tiresome after a while I’m sure. What artists song or album ended up ruining your love? Here is a quick list for me.

Super Collider: Megadeth (2013)


Megadeth is one of my favorite bands. Their modern stuff if often sort of hit and miss but most of their stuff released between 1985 and 1997 are good with me, even the more mainstream music. Most artists seem to lose their edge a bit in old age but Super Collider was just a huge misfire for me. I really enjoy the opening track and there is a solid cover of the Thin Lizzy song Cold Sweat at the end, but every thing in between is pretty weak.

Turbo: Judas Priest (1986)


Turbo was the start of a bit of a downslide for Priest in the late 80s. I think its far from a terrible album, but it just doesn’t sound like them. They went all out on the radio friendly hair metal with Turbo with the big choruses. I actually bought the reissued album 2 years ago for the 30th anniversary just to give it another chance and I still just don’t care for it. There was a solid live concert in the pack that I enjoyed though. Turbo didn’t exactly ruin Priest for me because Painkiller is an excellent album and they still put out quality work even today.

What album/song soured you fromĀ one of your favorite artists?