More Kenobi Rumors: Why Doesn’t Lucasfilm Just Make it Official?

There are still more rumors continuing to generate everyday about this theoretical Obi Wan Kenobi film. At this point the media has found so much out about this project that Lucasfilm should either announce it formally or just come out and say its not true. At this point I don’t know what is holding them back. Its been rumored that the film will enter production next spring and director Stephen Daldry is still believed to be attached.

According to TMZ more information has leaked about this film. With a bit of a synopsis getting revealed. The plot is said to involve Obi-Wan and sand people. Local farmers on Tatooine are feuding with the Tusken Raiders and that will draw Ben Kenobi out of hiding. It makes sense. Sand People are native to Tatooine and I’m sure there is a lot of them, but are they really worthy of battling Obi Wan? A force user is certainly far more overpowered than a Tusken Raider is. Apparently the Tusken Raiders will be led by some sort of war lord and maybe he can be more of a challenge for Kenobi.

I’m not completely sold on this plot so far, because it does seem pretty vague right now. I’d expect this movie to be on a smaller scale than other Star Wars movies and be more of a character study than an action/adventure film. Kenobi can’t be too careless with his force powers or he risks being found by the Empire. If the story involves farmers on Tatooine it would make sense if Owen Lars would return too (hopefully played by Joel Edgerton) maybe a young Luke Skywalker as well.

On thing that has still been kept secret is whether Ewan McGregor is involved in this movie or not. I really hope that Lucasfilm isn’t stupid enough to try and bring in a new actor to play the role when Ewan is obviously the perfect age to reprise the role. At this point I don’t have any idea while they continue to hide everything. Will an announcement come after Solo?