Sex Scandals and Racist Rants Plague TGO

TGO author Steve is facing serious consequences after bigoted diatribe about workers who “appeared Hispanic” in Moorhead, Minnesota on Friday.


Since his outburst went viral, the career drunk has been evicted from his mom’s boyfriend’s basement, named in a disciplinary document and chased by rabid dachshunds. He’s been assblasted and singled out for a mariachi band serenade.


Earlier this week, Steve was filmed angrily masturbating to a restaurant worker while the people speaking Spanish around him looked on in disgust. He said he suspected they were in the country illegally and threatened to call the authorities. “They have the balls to come here and live off of my money I pay for their welfare,” he complained. “The least they could do is speak English.” Then he used the free napkins to wipe his hands and promptly vacated the Burger King.


No word on whether the Burger King crew has mopped up or not. Check back for details.