Star Wars: Romances

Life hadn’t always been this hectic. There was a time when Lando Calrissian was the wildest man in the galaxy. He constantly had a piece of ass on each arm and a side deal going at the same time. But things changed. The life of a gambler and smuggler had started to wear on Lando. He was looking for some normalcy in his life. Lando took a corporate job as administrator of Cloud City. This was to prove himself. Not only would he show himself he could settle down, but maybe his one true love would see that he was done running around. He was ready to commit. That’s why he set up this romantic weekend. Just a little alone time with his lover. To show that he is committed. The day finally arrived. Lando received word that his lover had landed safely. He went to the docking area for a greeting

The two lovers embraced and Lando gave Boba Fett a gentle kiss on the helmet. He could feel the lightning bolts of lust shoot through his body. His already large cock began to swell.

“Are you hungry? It was a long flight. Let me arrange a private dinner for us.” Said Lando. “Or would you like a tour…of my living quarters ?”

Boba Fett shook his head in disappointment. “Always the same thing with you. Rush right to the bedroom”

Lando smirked. He was trying to change. But Boba knew him too well. He couldn’t fight his animal instincts. “I was joking. How about we grab a couple beverages and a snack?”

But fate was not on Lando’s side this day. Just as he and Boba Fett were about to head out, Lando spotted a familiar tie fighter docking

Lando gasped “w-w-w-what’s he doing here?” Stammered Lando. He stood in shock as he watched the pilot exit the craft

“Why now?” Thought Lando as he watched Darth Vader slowly walk towards him. Lando was torn. He was attracted to Vader but he knew they were just sexual partners, not true lovers. Lando looked at Boba and back at Vader, unsure where this would lead

Lando was shocked. “Hello Vader. I am surprised. I wish you would have let me know you were stopping by. I…I want you to meet someone. This is Boba F…”

“I am familiar with your boy toy. We have met before.” Boomed Vader

Lando was shocked. He turned to Boba Fett looking for answers

Lando’s confusion soon turned to arousal. He could feel the sexual tension in the air. Lando was at first worried that Boba Fett would leave. But as the seconds passed, the raw lust drew all three men closer and closer

Lando suggested they go to The dining area for some wine and nourishment. They were going to need their energy. In Lando’s mind it was a perfect plan. The three men full of alcohol and fine foods would join in sexual congress.

Boba Fett looked deep into Lando’s eyes “I’m not interested in dinner and drinks”

Lando’s heart sank. Had he been premature in thinking this would work? He was trying to prove to Boba Fett he was a changed man. A gay space three-way was probably the wrong choice.

“I want to save room” said Boba Fett

Confused, Lando exclaimed “save room for what?”

And so the three lovers would blast away at each others bottom holes in an animalistic parade of cocks and jizz.