TGO Writer’s Strike Over Sultry Seduction of Construction Crew

MOORHEAD, MN (AP) — In the biggest shake-up yet in TGO’s long-running sex abuse scandal, every active TGO author offered to resign Friday over what Pope Bulgingsnake said was their “assblasting” in investigating abuse and protecting migrant workers.

1.002.pngThe cock goblins announced at the end of an emergency masturbation session that all 2 active authors had signed a document offering to resign. 

Bulginsnake can accept the resignations, reject them or delay a decision, and the authors remain in place until he finds out what a document is. But the symbolic significance of a pair of overpaid jackasses resigning en masse because they covered-up for the random molestation of Hispanic looking men marked a historic moment in the minutes-long saga.

BS Midget Rape

In an unrelated note, the HR Department here at TGO (run by the ever capable RockMomster) would love to hear form any aspiring authors, while she tries to explain what a document is.