Fantastic New Invention

We all love dick and fart jokes. So it’s our mission here at TGO to stay on the cutting edge of humor, not just recycle everyone else’s garbage. That’s why I’m starting a brand new segment called

One Mat Gang Invents A New Sex Term

Yeah, the rusty trombone is hilarious, in 2014 maybe…but here is my first entry

Harpoon The Whale

That’s where you take your harpoon

And stick it in a whales blowhole

Now I know what you’re thinking. One Mat Gang, that’s already been invented. It’s called bestiality. But here’s the catch. I wasn’t talking about a whale. It was a sly reference

Yes. I was talking about a fat chicks tracheotomy hole. MMMMHHHHMM

Be sure to use this phrase a lot around friends and family. Let’s get the ball rolling TGO!

Have you Harpooned The Whale lately?