Gayest Bridge Ever

The Golden Gate (Gayte) Bridge was built in 1937

Before this bridge was built the only way to access the city of San Francisco was to cross San Francisco Bay by ferry. Since money was frowned upon in California at the time, you would pay the ferry operator with sexual favors. Hand job for a single horse and rider, blow job for multiple passengers, and you buttfucked him in front of your wife and kids if you were traveling with family. That’s where the slang term ferry came from for homosexuals.

Construction of the bridge was delayed by the Great Depression. As soon as everyone snapped out of their bad mood they began building the gayest bridge ever. This couldn’t be just any old bridge. San Francisco is the gayest city ever. So a grand Dick-Suspension bridge was built. A golden gateway to sodomy! To ensure the bridge could stand up to the seismic activity in the region, special steel rivets were designed to hold the bridge together.

1.2 million of these intentionally penis shaped rivets keep the gayest bridge ever tighter than a poodles Butthole. The construction came with a cost of $35 million. And the lives of 11 men. They buttfucked each other to death at the opening ceremony.

Have you ever crossed the gayest bridge ever?