Cocky IV

In order to stop the Cold War and avenge his mentors death, Cocky Ballboa must travel to Russia to fight Ivan Fago.

It won’t be easy, Fago is training hard

But Cocky has a plan to defeat the Russian

Cocky tried to throw Fago off his game. But the Russian wasn’t having it


Cocky comes out swinging

Fago seems to have an answer for everything Cocky throws at him

After several grueling rounds each man sought advice from their corner men

Finally, in the 12th round, Cocky saw Fago’s guard slip. He went in for the kill. Or should I say the suck

Cocky was able to suck the will power out of Fago’s dick. The Russian bear would not be able to recover

It was a victory for Cocky. And a victory for freedom

The end…or is it