Is Solo the Least Hyped Movie of the Disney Era?

If you’re a keener you can see Solo: A Star Wars Story as early as tomorrow with preview screenings happening all over the place. Most times I like to hop into to one of the early shows so I don’t have to be timid around every social media site with fear of spoilers. I’m not sure when I will get in to see Solo yet and to be honest I’m not that worried about it.

Through most of the production I was still pretty excited that we were getting a young Solo movie. It seemed like the cast was pretty strong and it had a lot of potential to be strong. Plus, I’ve really enjoyed all 3 of the new films that have been released under the Disney umbrella. Although, with just a couple of days before release I find myself pretty low on the hype scale. Which is rare for a guy who gets hyped up over Star Wars comic books that come once a week.

Its not like the marketing for Solo is failing. I see TV spots on every commercial break on every channel I watch. They are getting the word out and there isn’t anything wrong with the footage they show. I’m just not as excited, maybe its because we already know that the main cast of this movie survives. With Rogue One we knew that the Death Star plans mission was going to be successful, but we didn’t know if the characters were going to make it out or not. Sure, Beckett, Val, Qi’ra, Dryden Voss, Enfys Nest and Qi’ra are all vulnerable in this movie. They could all die, but we also don’t know any of these characters yet.

Solo could be the first Star Wars movie of the new era that I don’t see opening day. Its very likely that I’ll see it opening weekend. I’m off Saturday and I’ll probably stop in to see it then, or if the urge really strikes I may still run in and catch a screening tomorrow or Friday. Just right now I feel a little less excited. The reviews for the movie seem to be the weakest of the Disney films so far, but they’re still impressive. 72% on Rotten Tomatoes is solid, although some would argue that RT scores in Star Wars mean less than they used to after The Last Jedi. Not that I really care anyway. I’m still not going to go overboard with my expectations and just go in expecting to have fun.

When do you plan on seeing Solo? Will it be opening weekend or later?